Innovative and exemplary education programs are showcased at the Education Excellence Fair, one of the most popular events at annual conference!

2018 Education Excellence Fair

Wednesday, Oct. 17 – 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Booth 1
HHS Diversity Alliance, Hanover High School, Hanover Public SD
Music, theatre and story give children in the Hanover community a foundation of acceptance. This program is led by high school students.
Representatives: Deb Smith, music teacher; Marc Abels, assistant principal; and Malcolm Ellis, Alexus Faisal and Izzy Oropeza, students

Booth 2
Music and Musicians of the Holocaust,
Hanover High School, Hanover Public SD
Music played an important role during the Holocaust. Through song and theatre, inmates were able to hold on to humanity.
Representatives: Deb Smith, music teacher and Marc Abels, assistant principal

Booth 3
Studio & Stage – An Elementary Fine Arts Celebration,
Keystone Oaks SD
Families are able to participate in activities that allow them to explore skills and concepts that are fun.
Representatives: Lisa Thoft, elementary art teacher and Rob Naser, elementary music teacher 

Booth 4
HVAC – STEAM in Action, A.W. Beattie Career Center
A.W. Beattie Career Center HVAC students build upon their traditional classroom skills to be engaged, sought-after industry employees because of their skills and knowledge.
Representatives: Scott Miller, HVAC instructor and Cliff Bossong, STEAM and assessment coordinator

Booth 5
Code to the Future, A Pennsylvania Lighthouse District,
Canon-McMillan SD
Canon-McMillan SD has made a commitment to create fully immersive coding elementary schools. The district believes coding is an essential language that all children need to learn.
Representatives: Michael Daniels, superintendent; Grace Lani, director of curriculum and instruction; Justin Heckman, director of technology; and Shelley Brose, elementary school principal

Booth 6
Virtual Reality Across the Curriculum: An Affordable K-12 Implementation,
Annville-Cleona SD
Annville-Cleona is bringing curriculum to life using virtual reality experiences, from visiting far-away places to holding a human heart. The district maximizes student engagement, motivation and challenge through implementation of affordable virtual reality components while unlocking student potential and providing students with new ways to experience learning and even create their own media.
Representatives: Dr. Andrea Flocken, assistant superintendent; Dr. Krista Antonis, secondary school principal; and Keith Royer and Matt Gingrich, academic coaches

Booth 7
Future Ready Programming,
Dallastown Area Intermediate School, Dallastown Area SD
Discover how students at Dallastown Area Intermediate School collaborate on developing coding solutions that parallel current and future industries.
Representatives: Kenneth Midgett and Eric Hartman, teachers

Booth 8
3-D Printing and the Human Element,
Pine Grove Area High School, Pine Grove Area SD
Engineering, design and technology students designed and created a 3-D printed prosthesis for two students. The team has continued development to include robotics and sensors.
Representatives: Jacob Herring, teacher; Mike Janicelli, principal; and Nicholas Brown, student

Booth 9
The Cupcake Cart,
West Side Career Technology Center
Students will display their pastry arts skills by demonstrating and preparing a variety of gourmet cupcakes with samples to be served to all attendees.
Representatives: Heidi Miller and Gary Miller, instructors; and Klay Zimmerman, Austin Miller, Erin Newman, Kayleigh Lex and Sam Green, students

Booth 10
Agricultural Food Science Program,
Oley Valley High School, Oley Valley SD
This program focuses on the science of food science and is a rare course found in Pennsylvania high schools.
Representatives: Jeremy Deysher and Kacey Rice, agriculture science teachers; and Chris Becker, principal

Booth 11
Armstrong Tiger Techs,
Neil A. Armstrong Middle School, Bristol Township SD
The Tiger Techs are an in-house technology team that oversees all technology integration.
Representatives: Dawn Martesi, instructional coach, technology integration specialist and Joe Marlow, music teacher

Booth 12
Mobile Fab Lab,
Baldwin-Whitehall SD
The Mobile Fab Lab is a place where students can create something from design to fabrication. Elementary students will be able to be active participants in the maker movement that is defining their generation.
Representatives: Andrea Huffman, director of curriculum; Janeen Peretin, director of information and instructional technology

Booth 13
Montgomery Musical Theatre and Communications,
Montgomery Area High School, Montgomery Area SD
Montgomery Area High School students are challenged each year with original music and script composition as well as creative stage and film productions.
Representatives: Carina McNear, communications, vocal music and theatre teacher; Jessica Carpenter, English teacher; and Dylan Ring and Caleb Hipple, students

Booth 14
The Young Filmmaker/Director Club,
Cole Manor Elementary School, Norristown Area SD
In this club, students learn filmmaking and editing techniques using various devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), and moviemaking programs (iMovie, Final Cut Pro). Students create original film projects and present them in a culminating event premier.
Representatives: Charles Speicher, music teacher and Eric Norton, instrumental teacher

Booth 15
3D Printed Hand,
Gettysburg Area High School, Gettysburg Area SD
Technology Student Association students were contacted by project E-Nable to print and build a cosmetic hand for a local Chambersburg resident.
Representatives: Kevin Hardy and Stan Licharowicz, teachers; Jeremy Lusk, principal; and Adam Thomas and Garrett Young, students

Booth 16
The Relaxation Room: A Safe Space to Teach Self-Regulation, Paul V. Fly Elementary School, Norristown Area SD
Paul V. Fly, Norristown Area SD, is in its third year of implementation. The relaxation room is a safe space for our K-4 students to learn self-regulation skills and utilize them independently.
Representatives: Kristie Smith, counselor and Danielle Wechsler, lead teacher

Booth 17
Gifted Enrichment at Hershey High School, Hershey High School, Derry Township SD
Learn more about Hershey High School’s multiple enrichment programs, open to all students.
Representatives: Colette Silvestri, gifted and enrichment teacher; and Advay Mongia, Patrick Gavazzi and Carley Carrasco, students

Thursday, Oct. 18 – 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Booth 1
Leadership Program,
Donegan Elementary School, Bethlehem Area SD
Donegan Elementary is cultivating youth leaders. Students in fifth-grade demonstrate outstanding daily skills in school and community outreach projects.
Representatives: Sonia Vazquez, principal; Isabella Campbell, teacher; and students

Booth 2
Art with a Purpose,
Blue Ridge SD
Students at Blue Ridge SD are encouraged to create art that develops their individual, authentic and creative voices. Art projects and activities support multiple areas of learning such as character education, community awareness and cross-curricular subjects,
Representatives: Sarrah Dibble-Camburn, high school art teacher; Brackney Brotzman, elementary art teacher; Courtney Petrylak, student teacher; and Gracie Hinkley and Giffin Whitehead, students

Booth 3
Elementary STEAM Day,
East Vincent and North Coventry Elementary Schools, Owen J. Roberts SD
Each year, students from two schools come together to share their interactive STEAM projects with one another and to learn from STEAM professionals and mentors. Come see some of the types of projects these second- and sixth-graders designed.
Representatives: Carrie Mitton and Patrice Reiche, K-6 gifted support teachers

Booth 4
A Pathway for Everyone,
Cedar Cliff and Red Land High Schools, West Shore SD
The schools designed an interactive course selection manual that aligns with college-and career-ready goals.
Representatives: Tammi Jones, director of secondary education; and Mark Miller and Frank Gay, career coordinators

Booth 5
Building Resilience Across the Community,
West Shore SD
This is a grassroots movement to build awareness of childhood trauma on both cognitive and emotional skills. The school hosted screenings across the district of the movie Resilience along with discussions.
Representatives: Jeannette Fodness, middle school math teacher; Dr. Jamie Whye, assistant superintendent; Shelly McGowan, middle school alternative education teacher; and Dr. Ellen Smith, retired family physician

Booth 6
Driving Literacy Home,
West Shore SD
As part of a community literacy outreach program, the district designed a bookmobile and travels to district neighborhoods, events and preschools.
Representatives: Kelly Guistwhite, high school librarian; Sara Lobaugh, literacy specialist; Elissa Hart and Dawn Draper, reading specialists; Lori Lund, elementary teacher; and Judy Crocenzi, school board member

Booth 7
Personalizing Learning One Teacher at a Time,
Crossroads Middle School, Red Land High School and Red Mill Elementary School, West Shore SD
The district is spreading the practice of personalizing learning across its buildings by working with small teams of teachers. It is contagious.
Representatives: Chris Champion, director of instructional technology; Laurie Vitale and Shannon Ziegler, technology instructional advisers; Ryan Edwards, high school assistant principal; and Chris Konieczny, middle school principal

Booth 8
Scheduling for Growth,
Red Mill Elementary School, West Shore SD
Red Mill Elementary School organized its fourth-grade team differently in order to better personalize learning.
Representatives: Kate Wagner, principal; and Dawn Sanderson and Tracy Stambaugh, teachers

Booth 9
TL 2020,
Salisbury Township SD
Learners will share projects and accomplishments which reflect Salisbury’s learning beliefs.
Representatives: Jane Brennan, library media teacher; Betsy Gaston, music teacher; Laura DosSantos, high school teacher; and Olivia Cudd, Alex Korn, Jacob Watson, Austin Sell, Olivia Spedeliere, Brooke Bleem, Bethany Hnatow and Hali Prisaznik, students

Booth 10
Student Leadership Team,
Milton Area SD
The Milton Area High School leadership team has brought a positive energy to the building. These students have worked to change the culture of the school and promote a student-centered environment.
Representatives: Cathy Keegan, superintendent; Dr. Brian Ulmer, director of secondary education; Allie Pauling, adviser; Angela Davis, teacher; and Sydney Mensch, Tori Brink, Olivia Rearick and Phil Davis, students

Booth 11
Creative Minds,
Southern Elementary School, Southern York County SD
Creative Minds is a student-led art club that constructs service projects and bestows aesthetically pleasing creations to the school and local community.
Representatives: Ashley Gonzalez, art teacher; James Hollinger, elementary school principal; Dr. Robert Bryson, assistant superintendent; and Brooklyn Holloway, Jessica Wagner and Jackson Bailey, students

Booth 12
Think Tank,
Susquehannock High School, Southern York County SD
Think Tank challenges students to solve real-world problems through design thinking, an innovative tool that businesses and design firms use to solve complex problems.
Representatives: Kellin McCullough and Wade Bowers, teachers; Kevin Molin, high school principal; and Greyson Daviau, Kiel Vega, Kate Cramer and Alaina Stromgren, students 

Booth 13
G.O.L.D. Girls Only Leadership Development,
Pleasant Hills Middle School, West Jefferson Hills SD
G.O.L.D. Night aims to unite girls in grades 6, 7 and 8 by building positive relationships and helping them gain confidence.
Representatives: Melissa McCauley, Monica Kilcoyne and Debbie Zanetti, teachers

Booth 14
Peer Tutoring: Promoting Success and Relationships Between Middle and High School Students,
Upper St. Clair Township SD
Upper St. Clair High School’s peer tutoring program has expanded to include middle school students and a high school elective course. The program has produced outstanding results.
Representatives: Tanya Chothani, high school Resource Center coordinator and IB Diploma program coordinator and Gordon Mathews, high school counselor

Booth 15
Stroudsburg TSA, Stroudsburg High School, Stroudsburg Area SD
Stroudsburg TSA is an after-school co-curricular activity that allows the students to develop STEM and leadership skills through local, regional, state and national competitions.
Representatives: Matthew Rimbey, TSA adviser; and Ethan Rushman, Calvin Leon, Patrick Barry and Kyle Fleming, students

Booth 16
Coding Across the Curriculum, Chambersburg Area Career Magnet School, Chambersburg Area SD
Presented Sphero, Parrot and Swift coding technologies to members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate in order to justify the need for coding in education.
Representatives: James Menges, teacher; and Elijah Reed, Kaylee Harper, JaJuan Brown and Josh McCampbell, students